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Christmess #2

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The Kneel Before Zod Video Club of Nottingham Club present their third annual Christmas party with bring-you-own buffet. This year, we are pleased to announce our film will be the unforgettable ‘CHRISTMAS EVIL’.

From Arrow Video:
‘When little Harry sees his Dad in a Santa Claus outfit, groping his mother one Christmas Eve, life changes for the quiet little boy. Thirty odd years later, you d better watch out in this 80s horror classic from the small but perfectly formed micro-genre of Yuletide Slashers.

Because now – all grown up and disgruntled by his dead end job in a depressing toy factory – he s making a list, checking it twice and descending into a self-created Christmas nightmare where he is Father Christmas and his judgement is final! Dressed as St. Nick, Harry is going to show his bullying co-workers and all the other naughty people what the true spirit of the season is… Run for your miserable lives, the vengeance is going to be swift and bloody!’

‘I wish I had kids. I’d make them watch it every year and if they didn’t like it they’d be punished.’ – John Waters on Christmas Evil

This month we have been taken into the bosom of One Thoresby Street, who will be allowing us space in their attic, complete with cinema seats. There are only 22 however but ample space to sit on the floor, but please feel free to bring blankets and other such comforts.

A Christmas buffet table will be made available for everyone to bring their own contribution of sweet or savoury treats.

Entry is £4, the film starts 4pm on Sunday 16th December 2012. Doors open at 15:30.



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Christmas has come early! Mayhem, Kino Klubb and Kneel Before Zod take over Broadway Cinema for a night of ho-ho-horrific fun, presenting a parade of ghoultide fun for just one ticket – £10.00 starting in Screen 3 and ending in the Cafe Bar for late night nostalgic fun. Tickets are available via the Broadway Box Office or online at

Book early – tickets are limited.

The Devils (1971) Oliver Reed, Vanessa Redgrave (18)
Controversial, banned, resurrected – an essential piece of cult cinema. 17th century France, Father Urbain Grandier seeks to protect the city of Loudun from the corrupt establishment but hysteria breaks out when he is accused of witchcraft by a sexually repressed nun.“The mother (superior) of all ’70’s controversies.” Total Film

10.15pm: Mayhem present Frank Henenlotter’s hilariously horrific Frankenhooker (1990) Patty Mullen, James Lorinz (18)
From the warped mind behind Basket Case and Bad Biology, a sleazy cross between Mary Shelley and Grindhouse cinema. A failed medical student sets out to rebuild his decapitated fiancée by creating a new body for her made from the body parts of New York hookers. What could go wrong?“Wickedly funny exercise in black-humored horror.” Fangoria

Midnight: Kneel Before Zod present Jim Wynorski’s 80’s cult classic in the CafeBar, Chopping Mall (1989) Kelli Maroney, Barbara Crampton (15)
Pure Roger Corman production genius: Teenagers are trapped after hours in an 80’s-styled futuristic, high tech shopping mall and pursued by three loopy security killbots – out of control and out to explode a few heads – Where shopping can cost you an arm and a leg!“High-tech spin on the slasher genre – buckets of gore… unforgettable.” AllmovieMayhem Horror Festival –

Kino Klubb –

Kneel Before Zod –


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We would like to thank every one who came out last Friday for our screening of ‘Dead and Buried’ at The Hand and Heart. After, effectively, a year off, it was great to have so many people turn up and humour our obtuse and unreliable faces. We apologise that the membership is no longer being implemented for the film events, but at least you get to treasure your KBZ card as a memento of our former guise.

We must declare our gratitude to Moscow Youth Cult for taking the time and travel back up to Nottingham for a one off event, as well as spend so much of their time time organising a special set just for the evening. Hopefully we can have them back again some time. We also wish to thank The Hand and Heart Pub for being so hospitable and also welcoming us back. We all drank far too much to express our gratitude eloquently on the night.

Our next event will be hosting the Broadway Film Quiz on Tuesday 27th November. It clashes with Uzeda at The Chameleon, so if you are in a position to choose just one, choose the latter. If you like quizzes though, we have some amazing prizes up for grabs. It will start 8:30pm prompt in the Broadway Cinebar.


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We don’t really write reviews or indeed include anything other than formal updates on what we’re up to. However we really wanted to acknowledge the great weekend that is Nottingham’s Mayhem Horror Film Festival (31st Oct – 4th Nov). What follows is not a review or a blog of sorts, but a list of the messages sent on Twitter between the pair of us. Hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what kind of a weekend it was. (For reference, Neil #2 only managed to make the Friday and the individual screening of ‘Dead Mine’ on the Sunday evening, whereas Neil #1 was there Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.)

Our @mayhem_festival weekend starts tonight. Neil 2 there tonight and Sunday evening. Neil 1 there Saturday and Sunday. Join in!

Mid-Mayhem sit in the foyer necking coffee. Both films today have been splendid. Next up ‘Altered States’ in 30mins.

I might live tweet my sitting down session.

‘Skyfoal’ has just finished. Hundreds of people attempt to walk out of one door only for it to be locked. It never gets old. #neil2sitsdown

Not much else is happening. Locked door still funny. #neil2sitsdown

Bench is starting to get cold due to hundreds of people now walking through the open door next to me. #neil2sitsdown

People still walking towards the locked door though. I wish you were all here to see this. #neil2sitsdown

Have we lost followers yet?

Like Grange Hill’s ‘Just Say No’ campaign all over again. #alteredstates

I no longer need to try acid. I’m sure I saw Pan’s People in there somewhere. #alteredstates

Cider and peanut M&Ms. Neil 1 settles down for a weekend with @mayhem_festival

Rice zombies, fishy nunchucks, and guffing. Dead Sushi was a great start to the day #Mayhem2012

Lessons in sex and death from Private Pile – a change in tone with Chained #Mayhem2012

Old school ’80s telly with Crickley Hall – now into the evening run #Mayhem2012

Rabies: 27 great horror tropes, all in one film, all in the daylight #Mayhem2012

Neil 1 posts more tweets in one day than in the rest of his life shocker

Barmy collection of Scary Shorts: exploding heads, giant snails, and @RealReeceShears with a hammer #Mayhem2012

Walking home after V/H/S was an uneasy experience, and that’s not only because of the state of Hockley #Mayhem2012

Somewhere between Robocop and Power Rangers – Manborg was a fantastic start to Sunday with @mayhem_festival #Mayhem2012

More cider and more peanut M&Ms. Neil 1 now awaits The Shining. Neil 2 can’t eat peanuts #anaphylaxis

Watching a longer, louder, brighter Shining on the big screen was tantamount to a religious experience #Mayhem2012

…and so to the end of another great Mayhem – gawd bless us one and all, but especially @mayhem_festival

Find out more about Mayhem at their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.