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After a quiet month on the ‘Zod front, we can finally announce that ‘Cinema Diabolique’ is born (! When we say ‘announce’ it makes it sound as if this was in the pipeline for a while, which it was… kinda. It took us (ourselves and our fellow organisers Kino Klubb and Mayhem Horror Film Festival) unfeasibly long to decide on a name for this new venture of ours. Here are some of the ideas that were rejected…

Screen Jab
Forcible Screening
Cervical Screening
Unprojected Sex
Mean Flickers
Simon Bates Motel
Alan Smithee Theatre
Director’s Slut
Lemon Gialli
It’s A Sledge
He’s A Ghost
Barry Convex presents Spectacular Optics

CINEMA DIABOLIQUE’s first event will be a rare uncut screening of ‘ROBOCOP’ on Friday 22nd March 2013 at 10:30pm, Broadway Media Centre Nottingham. It’s a free screening to launch our new regular monthly film night and will be announcing a whole season of exciting events to take your mind off the prospect of a triple dip recession and the continued destruction of the National Health Service. FUN! LET’S HAVE IT!