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Our attentions are currently drawn to co-hosting 2013’s Hello Gore event along with those fine people Hello Thor, Fourbeatwalk, Martha Glazzard, Joey Chickenskin and many other Nottingham creative sorts.

This year, we are departing from the traditional Halloween gathering and moving towards creating our very own Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations at Nottingham Contemporary.

We are ecstatic that we now have the irreplaceable assistance of the Nottingham Mexican Society to make this event as exciting and unique as possible.

Music will be provided by White Finger, Soft Arrows, Moscow Youth Cult, I Am Lono, Nordenfelt and Joey Chickenskin.

We will have altars, live visuals, films, exhibitions, DJs, drinks, salsa, art, papier mache skeletons, face painting and more.

We’ve already started on the preparations…


Tickets will cost you nothing. Entrance on the door will cost you nothing. This is all for free.

Saturday 2nd November 2013
Nottingham Contemporary



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We are pleased to announce that we will be collaborating with new Nottingham drone three-piece Lviv for a special event on Thursday 10th October 2013 at Screen 22. This is all thanks to Bees Make Honey Creative Community who are hosting this as part of their Memories of the Future Analogue Meets Digital Pop-Up from 8th to the 12th October. Find out more at

As well as curating live visuals specifically for Lviv’s set, we will be screening Saul Bass’ ‘Phase IV’.

‘Phase IV’ is perhaps the most requested film we’ve been asked to screen, so what better way to honour that than to show it in Europe’s Smallest Cinema.

Tickets have now sold out, but we are now presenting our visuals for Lviv once more, for their performance on Friday 1st November 2013 at Nottingham Contemporary as part of Low Point’s record launch for the new Ex-Easter Island Head record. Tickets are £7.


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We have t-shirts! We threatened to do it and we did!

They are currently available from The Music Exchange in all sizes, for £10 each. We only have L and XL left in our own stock and will be selling them at the Memories of the Future Pop-Up Shop at The Corner, Nottingham between 8-12th October 2013.


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It’s been a while since we’ve updated this, so this is me, trying to catch up. I’m typing it on my phone while watching ‘Freaks and Geeks’ so the formatting is going to be all over the place.

Anyway, I’ll start by talking about a real highlight from earlier this month. On Sunday 8th September 2013 we welcomed Bristol’s Bronnt Industries Kapital to perform a special matinee performance of their original score to the influential silent documentary ‘Turksib’ at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.


We’ve known of Bronnt for a fair while and had a clear idea of how good ‘Turksib’ was going to be. It turns out we had no clue it would be THAT good.

To be honest, it was a tricky event to promote. We believe we have a great mix of audience and travel that line between music and film crowds, however despite this event appealing to both, a lot of people seemed to be confused by the prospect.



What transpired was perhaps the greatest event we’ve hosted and, thankfully, on the day we were close to a sell out. Although our general audience were low on the ground, this event appealed to a whole new crowd. We are determined put on more stuff like this in the future and definitely have Bronnt back. The feedback we received was incredible and not a single face turned away from the screen from start to finish.

Here’s to confusing the regulars