LVIVKBZ (Screen 22, Nottingham, 10th October 2013)

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How do you follow up one of the best events we’ve put on? Go small, revisit the venue of our birth 2 years and 11 months ago, turn off the lights, turn up the volume and try something new. In the process, create another of our best screenings yet.

As part of the Memories of the Future event by the wonderful Bees Make Honey Creative Community, we were asked to collaborate with new Nottingham drone collective LVIV on a half hour audio/visual assault and then follow it up with a film of our choosing.


Although we were mostly joking, there is truth in that if we are requested to do something by many, we will do our best to sabotage it. ‘Phase IV’ is our most requested film by far, so what better way to honour that than to show it in ‘The Smallest Digital Cinema in Europe’. In reality, it was the perfect choice to compliment Lviv’s set, with its analogue tones and rich palette of sounds.


Lviv’s set was remarkable and truly memorable for everyone involved and attending. Performing in complete darkness with only our minimal visuals to illuminate them, static screens and VHS glitches gradually marked out the three figures in the darkness and, for a moment, Screen 22 suddenly felt a lot bigger.

We will be performing the visuals with Lviv one last time at Nottingham Contemporary on Friday 1st November 2013 as part of the Ex Easter Island Head record launch with Lviv and Flesho supporting. Tickets are £5 in advance, £6 on the door and £4 for concessions.


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