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On Thursday 14th November 2013, we turned three years old. To commemorate, those good people at Leftlion magazine posted an article on the frontpage of their website documenting 12 of our favourite posters with accompanying commentary.

We didn’t have any events to celebrate this passing of time, but KBZ member #40 had his own screening at home (on his own) in our honour and shared a photo of the night. That’s as official as it’s going to get.


You can read Leftlion’s article here:



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We love a good horror soundtrack – indeed, for the last three years of our existence we have been releasing Halloween mixes of choice cinematic cuts. During that time, however, horror soundtracks have increasingly become about boutique labels, recycling over-limited and over-priced releases to a load of Nathan Barleys.

This year’s Halloween Zodcast therefore features no soundtrack material whatsoever. It’s mostly a mix of Memphis horrorcore and dark Scandinavian droney stuff (with some found sounds thrown in). Nobody’s really going to like it.


Silent Servant: A Path Eternal
DJ Paul: Sweet Robbery
Rachel’s: Night at Sea
Xela: A Floating Procession
Salem: Tair
Kreng: Mythobarbital
Nigga Creep: Fuckin with the Killaz
Demdike Stare: A Tale of Sand
DJ Sound: Whats Yo Name
Deaf Center: Animal Sacrifice
Elegi: Den Store Hvite Stillhet
Seasons (Pre Din): 0650
Sunn O))): Aghartha

DIA DE MUERTOS (Nottingham Contemporary, 2nd November 2013)

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It was probably about three months ago when 2013’s Hello Gore was proposed as going ahead. Nick from Hello Thor has been manning the Nottingham settlement after his colleagues relocated to other towns. We were keen to get involved somehow and offered to help fill the organisational gap and create the ‘Hello Gore Committee’ including Hello Thor, Kneel Before Zod, Joey Chickenskin and Martha Glazzard of Hand Cuts Hand.

Nick’s first idea was for it to be ‘Day of the Dead’ themed.


Cut to last Saturday and we have 500 people spilling into Nottingham Contemporary Cafe Bar and The Space while one room watches White Finger climb the amps dressed as mummies and the other Salsa dance just after watching a screening of ‘Santo Vs The She Wolves’ surrounded by skeletons, gravestones, altars and projections. The space between the rooms was filled with strangers face painting each other, and artists sketching the punters.


How we got there was down to the following people:

MARTHA GLAZZARD of Hand Cuts Hand took the reins at an early stage and became the beating heart of the committee. As well as organising artists, installations and marketing design, she also created incredible decoration pieces and established a real aesthetic.

NICK LAWFORD of Hello Thor, the catalyst for this entire thing, and JOEY CHICKENSKIN organised the venue, the bands, the sound, funding, sponsorship and promotion. Without them, this would never have happened.

KATE WEBBORN and MATT COOPER of FourbeatWalk created the biggest gravestone we could, just about, squeeze into a car, while also created amazing decorations, organised creative workshops in the build up to the event, and became the driving force behind the free face painting on the night.

KAY HUNT of Jumpers For Goalposts organised the incredible warm up event in October while also arranged and created the greatest looking gravestones and sugar skulls to occupy The Space.

We at Zod organised the projections, assisted in the bands and organised DJs on the night, as well as photographically documented the whole thing. (If felt rather masturbatory writing that last sentence. Let’s move on…)


We also have to thank:

PAT CANNON and LUCY HAMLIN at Nottingham Contemporary for their incredible hospitality and acceptance and encourage of our proposals. The venue was the perfect home for the night and we can’t wait to come back… if they’ll have us.

ALFONSO YUKKAH and PACO CARRASCO at The Nottingham Mexican Society. Early in the process, I worried that our bastardised version of El Dia De Muertos would be tame and borderline offensive. With that in mind, I contacted the society with our ideas and they embraced it with open arms, minds and endless enthusiasm. It’s been great to work with them and have them involved. I can honestly say, they are the ones who brought the energy and atmosphere. Thanks also to Alfonso for DJing.


I can’t keep typing like this so, finally, thanks to:
THE MEXICAN CULTURAL CENTRE (Specifically Eduardo Estala Rojas)
THE BANDS (Moscow Youth Cult, White Finger, I Am Lono, Paco Carrasco, Soft Arrows, Nordenfelt and Jose Unidos)
THE ARTISTS (Jose Santos, Matthew K Grundy, Tessa Acti, Natalie Edwards, Alex Hale, Dan Toporowski, Theresa Wrigley)
THE VOLUNTEERS (Paige Hartley, Millie Lewis, Laura Bennetts, Tara Hill, Belen Cerezo)
THE ATTENDEES (I’m not naming them all.)


It would be crass of me to say that it possibly the greatest party Nottingham’s ever seen. But it probably was.


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So that’s Mayhem Film Festival over for another year. This time around I made it to three of the four days (unfortunately I missed out on Saturday due to preparations for our event as ‘Hello Gore’ – more on that shortly) and could easily have stayed for another three. Highlights were certainly ‘Delivery’, ‘Big Bad Wolves’, ‘Wake in Fright’ and, of course, ‘Don’t Look Now’ in Nottingham’s St Mary’s Church with Nicolas Roeg Q&A.

As we did last year, here are a summary of our tweets – this time from the @CineDiab page.

This year’s hashtag is . Expect pithy reports all weekend from us.

By us, I mean . We run this Twitter page if you hadn’t already noticed the snarky tone.

Bow. Bow bow bow bow bowww.

I’ve just devoured a dirty chicken meal while sat in a steamed up Skoda Fabia. More disturbing than any film this festival.

Brian Netto seems to be the sweetest man to have ever made me create a little sick in my mouth.

In hindsight, the sick might be the chicken…

…or all the actors with face-lifts during that film.

Statistics so far. Three cock shots. Four men of the cloth. Three bleeding groins. Three pregnancies. Countless disco classics.

It’s still going on at

Back at today after a day release. I hear I missed a cracking day.

Things I have learnt today at . Don’t go to Australia. Don’t admit genetic irregularities. Don’t go to Ireland.

Note to self: Cancel whimsical limb surgery.

was really great. They should do it every year, but perhaps change the hashtag to


Throughout the whole weekend though, I was thinking about how it could be improved for 2014. Here are some tips and advice for Chris and Steve (no need to thank me):

1. Now that the festival has been promoted to Screen 1, there is an opportunity to turn all seats into reclining beds, as no one actually moves from their own seats for the whole weekend. During each introduction to the films, either Chris or Steve can pull a special lever to the right of the screen that automatically reclines and stands the backs of the seats when required.

2. Mayhem branded black leather gloves.

3. More food/horror based puns for the Broadway Cinema food menu. Examples such as Suspiri-piri-chicken, Zombie Flesh Fajitas, The Hills Have Pies, Stanley Kubrisket, Lamb Chopping Mall, Dario Argentoad-in-the-hole, Stephen King’s Curry, Peeping Tomato-Soup, The Meatballs Under The Stairs, Children of the Corn-on-a-Cob, Freaks Salad, Mario Baklava, John Carpenter’s Toasts of Mars, Roger Korman, David Cronenburger. Again guys, you’re welcome.

For more information on Mayhem, visit