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The following blog post focuses on a number of film societies in the local area that we are aware of. Inevitably there are many many more but I’m afraid we haven’t attended any. In alphabetical order…


Fringe Cinema. These guys are relatively new, yet a third of it’s output has been running since 2010 (I think). Hopefully you’re familiar with the work of Fright Club at Derby QUAD, one of our favourite cinemas. They’ve hosted such incredible nights as Dario Argento’s ‘Inferno’, ‘Friday the 13th’ double bill (Parts I and VI on 35mm), the ‘Dead and Breakfast’ Halloween all-nighters and, recently, a rare screening of ‘Let’s Scare Jessica To Death’ on 35mm.

Well they’ve now branched out and host three film nights (the aforementioned FRIGHT CLUB, SATORI SCREEN and CINE-FILES) under the banner of FRINGE CINEMA. Whatever these guys do is worth your attention so drop what you’re doing and find out more:


Kino Klubb. We ‘pretend’ to hate them but actually we think they’re ok. One of our Cinema Diabolique co-conspirators, they screen a series of cult hits and forgotten gems where every event feels like an education. Our first visit was to see ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ for the first time, which has since become a favourite of ours. Not a day goes by where I don’t resent the fact that I was only aware of the film because of them.

Find out more:


Mayhem. The second of our Cinema Diabolique co-conspirators, they host an unmissable annual film festival at Broadway Cinema every October. 2014 marks their 10th anniversary so look out for more unique and interesting events in a similar vein to their Halloween screening of ‘Don’t Look Now’ in St Mary’s Church with Nic Roeg Q&A. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Find out more: (Hopefully this works)


Straight to Video. We’ve never been to one of these nights however have been sat at the distance approving of everything that Rob Lane does. Clearly someone after our own hearts, he mixes VHS imagery, 80s cult hits and film soundtracks with a thorough merchandise campaign to create the most fully-formed, efficient, reliable and fun film night in Nottingham. I’m looking forward to what he has to offer in 2014.

Find out more:



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We are curating the visuals at these three events in Nottingham over the next fortnight. Buy a ticket/Turn up on the day/See it for free (Delete as applicable).




KBZVD: MACABRE (14th February 2014)

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There appeared to be a bit of buzz for this event in the week preceding. Left Lion included it as one of their ‘Picks of the Week’ (–9—16-february-/id/6445) and the incomparable Little White Lies magazine began making some flattering murmurs:
‘@LWLies: For macabre alternative to schmaltzy Valentine’s Day films see… Macabre on Friday at Nottingham’s @BroadwayCinema:’

The idea for tonight began around two years ago when Neil #1 was keen to host a Valentine’s event for one of the more romantic Video Nasties, ‘Macabre’ (Lamberto Bava, 1980). The plan was to host an Alternative Valentine’s Evening (eventually dubbed ‘A Celebration of Bitterness’ by Larry Crywater) for all those sick of the usual Hallmark fare. Deciding on a free CineBar screening at Broadway Cinema, this may be one of the more risqué free screenings that the venue have hosted (we were required to show a warning every 10 minutes). We chose inappropriate music, visuals and decor along with some of the more challenging Valentine’s cards imaginable.



After some ill-advised DJ tennis between the two of us (‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ followed by ‘Baby Got Back’ anyone?), some t-shirt selling and a much needed airing of Sisters of Mercy, we screened ‘Macabre’ at 11pm. The first fifteen played out nicely. Some drowning, some demonic children, some boobs and then… pop. Both screens went blue.


I took to the mic and quickly announced something that I missed from my opening introduction before running after our projectionist Leigh who was inspecting the equipment. George at the bar joined us and it was revealed that the transmitter for the two screens had blown and that there was no way of getting it up and running for another half hour, if at all. I admit, I was ready to cancel the whole event but upon hearing Leigh’s ‘I’ve never missed a show and I’m not now’ the decision was made to resume the film in the neighbouring Screen 2, exactly where the film left off.


So with the door to the screen wide open and DJing still continuing in the bar, all attendees were welcome to walk between either room to enjoy the film, or have a drink in the bar. A rather standard evening became something unusual and rather remarkable.


We must thank:
Martha Glazzard at Hand Cuts Hand who made all 45 unique and hand pressed Valentine’s cards for everyone. Each and every one of them more offensive than the last.
George Darby and Leigh Heathcote for saving the day and turning a complete 180 when it looked as if everything was going to shut down early. We owe you tenfold.

Twitter reviews:
‘@strangethings69: well done to @KNLBFRZD for salvaging a seemingly awful situation and turning it into a top screening. Macabre on the big screen? Hell Yeah!’

‘@danlayton: Exceptional work once again from @KNLBFRZD last night. Turning tragedy into triumph without even breaking a sweat (or knees) #kbzvd’


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Fourbeatwalk, Tara Hill and hand cuts hand have 4 short course workshops on Printing at the Malt Cross. These are introductions to various areas of printing. Attendees will come away with ideas on how to do lo-fi printing at home.

The first set starts on Monday 10th Feb for 3 weeks at 7-9 doing Mono-printing. All materials will be provided and additional paper available to buy for those who like to create loads of work!

Relief-printing for 4 weeks will cover basis lino and stamp carving. Working with stamps, letterpress and block printing.

Screen-printing for 4 weeks will cover stencil-based printing onto paper and fabric.

Zine and books for 3 weeks will combine all this knowledge into making books of designs. Or using lo-fi methods of book-making and self publication.

Each set of workshops ends in a little project party where attendees can make their own projects based on the skills learned.

There is an exhibition on at Malt Cross gallery showing examples of the tutors’ work until Monday 10th Feb.

All welcome (but over 18s only as we’re in a pub). See fourbeatwalk’s website or email for more details and if you want to book in advance.

STREETS OF FIRE & MANBORG (31st January 2014)

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Tonight may have been one of the most enjoyable, if not the most enjoyable Cinema Diabolique screenings yet. Tonight was a double header at Broadway Cinema between ourselves and Mayhem who hosted screenings of ‘Streets of Fire’ and ‘Manborg’ respectively. The latter being a free screening on behalf of NG7 Foodbank.


Kicking things off was our screening of Walter Hill’s indescribable and incomparable ‘Streets of Fire’. After making three people do the ‘robot’ for a free album download each (I feel really bad for that) we subjected the audience to all of the trailers from an ex-rental VHS copy of ‘Highlander 2: The Quickening’ including the following:

By The Sword
The Runestone
Karate Cop
The Tender
Twenty One
Operation Condor

Offensively stereotypical Scottish competition to win a mini, £10,000 or a AIWA ghettoblaster and a water resistant Walkman that ‘doesn’t come in tartan’.

We spared them the advert for McEwans featuring “The Chinheads”.

Having only seen it at home before, on the cinema screen in HD, the neon and incredible sound mix really transformed the film into the fun Friday night out it always should be. By the end, ‘Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young’ and a final squint from Michael Pare, the entire room was uplifted and practically floating out of Screen 2. It turns out we inadvertently created a feel-good environment*


Mayhem’s follow-up of ‘Manborg’ took the feel-good audience, threw them into the bar and fed them alcohol, creating the ultimate CineBar screening. The added extra of ‘Bio-Cop’ post-credits was a perfect send off.

When Chris and Steve originally put forward the idea if doing a double, we had no idea how we could even rival a film as hysterical and wonderful as ‘Manborg’. In hindsight, I think we managed it. I don’t know how…

We’d like to thank Jonathan Bunning at Raven Banner, Leigh Heathcote, Broadway Cinema and every single person who came down and threw money and food at NG7 Foodbank.


Twitter reviews:
‘@LarryCrywater: Another outstanding double from @KNLBFRZD and @mayhem_festival’

*in contrast, we’re showing Lamberto Bava’s 1980, Video Nasty classic ‘Macabre’ in the Broadway Cinema cafe bar on 14th February 2014 as part of our ‘alternative Valentine’s night out’.