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The following blog post focuses on a number of film societies in the local area that we are aware of. Inevitably there are many many more but I’m afraid we haven’t attended any. In alphabetical order…


Fringe Cinema. These guys are relatively new, yet a third of it’s output has been running since 2010 (I think). Hopefully you’re familiar with the work of Fright Club at Derby QUAD, one of our favourite cinemas. They’ve hosted such incredible nights as Dario Argento’s ‘Inferno’, ‘Friday the 13th’ double bill (Parts I and VI on 35mm), the ‘Dead and Breakfast’ Halloween all-nighters and, recently, a rare screening of ‘Let’s Scare Jessica To Death’ on 35mm.

Well they’ve now branched out and host three film nights (the aforementioned FRIGHT CLUB, SATORI SCREEN and CINE-FILES) under the banner of FRINGE CINEMA. Whatever these guys do is worth your attention so drop what you’re doing and find out more:


Kino Klubb. We ‘pretend’ to hate them but actually we think they’re ok. One of our Cinema Diabolique co-conspirators, they screen a series of cult hits and forgotten gems where every event feels like an education. Our first visit was to see ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ for the first time, which has since become a favourite of ours. Not a day goes by where I don’t resent the fact that I was only aware of the film because of them.

Find out more:


Mayhem. The second of our Cinema Diabolique co-conspirators, they host an unmissable annual film festival at Broadway Cinema every October. 2014 marks their 10th anniversary so look out for more unique and interesting events in a similar vein to their Halloween screening of ‘Don’t Look Now’ in St Mary’s Church with Nic Roeg Q&A. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Find out more: (Hopefully this works)


Straight to Video. We’ve never been to one of these nights however have been sat at the distance approving of everything that Rob Lane does. Clearly someone after our own hearts, he mixes VHS imagery, 80s cult hits and film soundtracks with a thorough merchandise campaign to create the most fully-formed, efficient, reliable and fun film night in Nottingham. I’m looking forward to what he has to offer in 2014.

Find out more:


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